Sunday, May 22, 2005

Marz's moved...格子已搬家

Hi everyone, I've finally moved.
Here's the new address:
Please update (if any of you linked me)...

有連結的話, 麻煩更新一下...

Yes... Marz's been disappeared for awhile.
對啊! 格子好像失蹤一陣子了.

Didn't reply to any of your comments,
nor post any new stuffs here.
沒有回你們的回應, 也沒有新文章.

Because I just finished importing the posts from Blogger to Word Press. *Finally*
It took me 2 tries. The first failure was because I've uploaded to the wrong dir.
這其實是因為我剛剛才終於把這裡所有的文章移到Word Press去.
嘗試了兩次, 第一次失敗是因為東西被上載到不對的地方.

Originally, I was thinking I'd post the new URL here once everything's finished.
But I gradually figured that I wouldn't be able to finish all the renovation very soon.
*with the current pace*
但慢慢我就覺得, 以我現在的速度, 要我的新家完全裝修好, 並不會是短時間內的事.

And some of you have actually discovered my new home.

So, I'll announce my new address here now.
*It's really raw, so if you go there, don't laugh at me =D*
*你們見到, 可不要笑我喔! 因為新家還是很爛, 很基本的.*

Feel free to post any comment there.

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Friday, May 20, 2005


testing 123...

...marz's new site is under construction...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Being a straight...

hair person do have lots of advantages. At least you don't have to blow dry your hair everytime you wash your hair.

Saturday, I finally made the decision.

I had to straighten my hair!

I've been thinking of doing my hair for so long. But the 6-7 hour wait is just holding me back from doing it. Everytime I thought of sitting in the Salon for that long, I'd say "forget it!"

Well... It's straight now, and I won't have so much trouble w/ my hair for awhile.

Good Job Marz! (Padding my back ^^)

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

繼續覓食 Food searching cont'd...

Dined out a few times this week, but didn't find any real good restaurant.
So-so, so-so, and so-so.

Went to the i-cook buffet near Warden and Steeles.
(Haven't had any hot-pot/shabu shabu since when?...)
Wednesday night, around 7:30p.m. There weren't a lot of customers at i-cook.
Yes, Wednesday is supposed to be like that.
But don't forget,
right now all university students are having their holidays.
Done w/ exam and not yet started summer school.

We ordered the seafood buffet for $17.99 (i.e. with $3 more, you'll get oysters, crabs, and some better veggies, plus all you can drink pops and other drinks) . The soup base we ordered was (1) Lobster base w/ 1 lb. of lobster for $9.99, (2) Mushroom soup base $3.99, and (3) Lamb + chinese herb (Dong-Guai) soup base $3.99.

The environment there was quite good. I'm sure most of the people will remember the big "round" screen TV there. It was playing S.H.E. and Jay Chou's Concert that night. The service was pretty good. They were pretty polite and often come by to see what we need.

Now, let's talk about food selections. The thing I really like it the wide variety of sauces you can mix together yourself. (that's why it's called "i cook" right!) The food quality was average. There're quite a lot of fish/crab/lobster/shrimp/meat balls you can dump and cook in the soup. Unfortunately, the shrimp and the crab there were just NOT FRESH. I was kind of disappointed. Anyone can tell the shrimp was unfresh by just looking at the texture.

I would say... the overall experience was so-so. The total came to be around $90 for three persons, and I don't think I'd recommend you going.

Went to Kelsey's on the same plaza (Steeles and Warden) on Saturday night around 9:30pm. It was a rainy night and there weren't a lot of people on the street or near the T&T supermarket.

Remember there was a period of time when I went to Kelsey's quite often. I especially liked the one on Steeles and Woodbine. It was relatively old; with the dim lights and not so many patrons, it gave me this feeling of escaping from the city and back to the 60's. Another special note is that this restaurant is not smoke-free. You can just sit in the designated area (an open area, not those little smoking room) and have a cigar or so. Yea,... but it's no longer there now. There now stand the restaurant/pub (not sure) called drInk. Haven't been there though.

Yea... back to the topic. We went to the new Kelsey's and it was kinda late for dinner time. The main reason why we went to Kelsey's was partly because it was pretty close and we couldn't think of other places, also because we wanted to have the ribs. Unfortunately, they were out of ribs! Sigh... So what we ordered was a steak, a steak fajita and an onion soup... All of them were just so-so. No surprises... (yes, what do you expect?). I found it pretty hard to get a good french onion soup... So far, I think the one at the KEG is relatively good. Still remember how salty the one was at the La Biftheque. The one at Tickled Toad was a bit different from the other ones, but it was just ok (I basically just went there for the Monday wing special.) Arh... I really love the cheese on top of the french onion soup.~~~~

Another restaurant revisited was the "竹橋" at Commerce Gate.
Suddently wanted to have Japanese noodle... and couldn't think of anywhere I could get that... so drove up to the Commerce Gate and had the noodle there.
Actually I really haven't had the noodle there before (except once I ordered a plain noodle w/ seaweed because I wasn't in a mood to eat that night). How it turned out this time? Wasn't too good. I guess I wouldn't go there (at least not when I'm the one making decision) next time. The Curry pork rice was so-so, the spicy tuna roll and the house noodle only scored a 5 out of 10. ><

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

MSN space...

installed the msn messenger 7.0.
lots of new features...
the first thing i'm doing is...
start up a new page
and occupy the name of "carbonxiv".

Here's my msn page.
Wonder if I'd use that though.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005



從來是我討厭的 咖啡店 重來又覺得這裡
竟然不討厭 尤其是這天約定前度 見面

落地大窗的那面 繁盛也好比往年
約了我的卻未見 有人連手機都 偷看幾遍
白日夢醒先發現 前面有張我最熟的臉
百般話語 瞬間浮現 在喉嚨間混戰

* 風采依然 現在 又在我面前 分開幾年 性格 各有點改變
再次碰頭 不知 有何新發現 兜轉逢在 又再單身那天
情感線 能否再 通電 *

日夜在等的約會 誰料到等足七八年
我已變得夠耐性 對男孩的不羈 不會生怨
歷盡萬千的試煉 全為接天使最後一箭
你的任性 你的遲熟 原來無可避免

Repeat *

風采依然 就像 是第一志願
分開幾年 原來 還留低虛線
再次碰頭 收緊 最長的掛念
命太短 苦戀幾場 大概 探險總要完
流離時代 願以這篇壓卷 來給我 還一個 心願

盡量扮得很老練 來問你可有對象推薦
你指著你 笑得靦腆 令人仍心軟 心軟 像以前


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


(Finally I changed the template back to GREY; Still like this better)

但我不懂說將來 但我靜待妳歸來
在這心灰的冷冬 共你熱烈再相逢

但我不懂說將來 但我靜靜待妳歸來
在這春風秋雨中 共妳願望已不同
還是有點故夢 想傾吐

*一切事情驟似一絲苦惱 回看妳我的路
是情是愛是緣是痛 今日我卻竟都不知道
我依然 而我竟然 還是覺得妳最好

#即使妳離開 我熱情未改
這漫長夜裡 誰人是妳所愛
花不似盛開 愛漸如大海
假使妳懷念我 為何獨處感慨
即使妳離開 我熱情未改
這漫長夜裡 誰人是妳所愛

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"The greatest thing you will ever learn in life is to love and be loved in return" - Next Blog

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